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I don't have a sewing machine. Can I use one of yours? Yes! The cost of all classes includes use of the studio sewing machines. Even if you have your own and you don't feel like lugging it to class, you are welcome to use ours.

I have a sewing machine but I have never used it. Can I learn on mine? Yes! Bring it on the first day of your Sewing 101, T-shirt Quilting for Absolute Beginners or Boot Camp class. We recommend learning on your own machines so that you can become familiar with it and troubleshoot it with ease when you are on your own with it.

Can I take a class other than Sewing 101, T-shirt Quilting for Absolute Beginners or Boot Camp if I do not know how to use a sewing machine? No, unfortunately we do not design other classes with absolute beginners in mind. Please begin with one of those classes, then you're well-equipped to take anything else we may offer!

  My child wants to take a sewing camp. Does he/she need to know how to sew?   NO! We design our kids' sewing camps for kiddos who have never sewn but want to learn. At the same time, kiddos who know how to sew will learn even more and hone their existing sewing skills. 

What is Open Studio? Open Studio is an opportunity for you to come in during any of our business hours to work on anything you like. For $10/hr you have everything you might need at your disposal: cutting, measuring and sewing tools; sewing machines, glue guns, notions, pattern use, and of course our coveted BIG tables! You can purchase a punch card for a 10% discount, or just come in whenever you need to. This is not a class nor an instructional time, but a chance to work on your own and have someone clean up for you. Please keep in mind that while you are welcome to utilize Open Studio during a class time, the instructors might not be able to assist you right away as students in our classes take priority. Thank you for understanding.

Why do you have weird business hours? We would absolutely LOVE to be here all the time! But we have school-aged children that we like to be home for after school. We are open Monday-Friday 10-3 and 6-9 (evening hours if classes are in session with at least ONE regsitered student).

Do you accept Walk-Ins? It's complicated. If a class has at least one student confirmed and registered, then we might be able to accept walk-ins because we need time to prepare materials. The best way to do that is to know ahead of time how many students we expect. If no one has registered for the class, we generally do not come in, and prefer to spend time with our famliles instead. So the best way to guarantee your spot is to register online or in studio at least 24 hours before your desired class meets.

Do you do repairs and alterations? Yes, we take basic alterations and repair jobs all the time. Our prices compare to other alterations locations.

Do you sew on patches? Yes! Prices start at just $3 per patch for patches 1”-4”. We even sew on leather!

What other sewing jobs do you accept? We have created memory pillows, custom quilts, custom plush dolls, t-shirt quilts, and more. Prices will vary with each job, so it's best to visit us in studio to chat about your special project.

Do you clean and repair machines? Yes we do! We cannot repair computer motherboards but we are happy to do TLC (timing, lubrication, and cleaning) on your machine.