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Abby's Attic Creative Team
We are here to help you find your inner artist!
Whether it's using a sewing machine for the first time, creating bespoke garments, to quilting, crochet, wreathmaking, and more, we are ready to help you get creative!
Howdy! I'm Jen. I've been sewing for over 25 years. I'm trained as a chemist and I've been a high school math teacher, but my absolute passion is sewing! I love to combine my teaching experience with my love of all things sewing and crafting, plus throw in some math skills when I can.
My favorite part of teaching people how to sew is seeing the satisfaction and smiles on their faces when they declare, "I did this!"

On my free time (hah!) I enjoy camping, reading and, of course, sewing.
, Jennifer Nicolella Owner
Sewing, & Embroidery
Hey ya’ll, I’m Miranda. I started sewing when I was 7 and have been crazy about it ever since. Growing up I made all kinds of sewing projects and started designing and creating my own clothes any and every chance I could get. I continued my sewing into college and got a BFA in Fashion Design from the University of North Texas. During my schooling I learned to love helping and teaching others with sewing and pattern making. I decided that I wanted to continue teaching others the love of sewing after I graduated. When I’m not sewing I like to get lost in a book or be outside on some adventure. 

Miranda Harris

I began sewing when I was five. By high school I was diving into my mothers' old college fashion history text books, drawing fashion I wanted to make, and learning through a lot of trial and error. In college I acquired a BFA in Fine Art. In addition to sewing by hand and with the machine I crochet, knit, draw, paint with acrylics, sculpt in wood and stone, sculpt in soft materials like clay and paper mache and get excited to try out the latest new material or technique. 

I love teaching. I did a brief stint at Antonian College Preparatory as an art and theater teacher, but greatly prefer the non-graded atmosphere of the craft school or private lessons.
Sarah Hood
Sewing and Crochet 
My name is Emily Bruno and I am originally from California. My quilting journey started 6 years ago when I was pregnant and wanted to “nest." I made a few small items for her nursery and I was hooked! I began to eat up any and all things quilting and got involved in some great charity programs to help me grow and learn more quilting techniques. I specialize in making memory items and custom quilts.

Teaching others the joy of quilting has always been a goal for me. Follow me and I will teach you to love quilting as much as I do.
Emily Bruno
An avid seamstress since middle school, Karen Hennessy discovered the serger while
constructing skirts and costumes for a local ballet school. This soon led to her
construction of elaborate tutus for competition dancers and professional ballerinas. She
began teaching Serger Mastery classes for Bernina in 2008, soon expanding into
specialty and project classes for this versatile machine. Hating to see any good serger
collecting dust on a closet shelf, Karen strives to help students become comfortable with
their overlock machines and experts at the many serging techniques.

Karen Hennessy
Serger Instructor